Surge Final Copy   
'Surge (Yellow and Blue)'   30x40cms



We're done. An hour of looking and I added the heavy yellow-line on the right-edge (above). Perversely I put it in to make 'A' work because I felt the yellow was visually slipping out of the picture.  What it has done for me,  is to make the landscape less literal and the inner-frame is strengthened. The lumps and bumps in the yellow have shifted in the night!


surge studio Copy
a 'big' small painting

Porthleven 26 Porthleven 27 Surge Copy
'Porthleven 26', 'Porthleven 27' and 'Surge'
Surge B Copy
Surge A 1 Copy
Yvonne talking about 'B': 'I love how the sweep of blue between the yellow masses sails down and out. The bottom yellow creates a powerful foreground mass pulling from the flat to the 3D and back again'
I'm still undecided: the painting may need need a mark, a touch, to convince. Although linked to Porthleven, with the oncoming tide pouring through the gap between piers, the painting is more about the idea of harbour rather than a specific place. Of containment. Of fragility. of futility even, in the face of stronger forces. In 'B', the fragility of the inner frame seems more prominent, but there is a shift in scale: is it too obvious a landscape or waterfall? 
Another week of Open Studios. Bliss.