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City of Glass 59 - (DQ WW MW)  60x50cms


Feeling confident, reckless, after a weeks painting, playing the game of chance, I opened my copy of 'City of Glass' at random: the next painting would come from what was on the page. It was p:62, the red notebook again - a memory came of a previous reading, Quinn writing his initials on the notebook, DQ. Over a pint, I had the idea of also including the initials of author's Quinn's pseudonym, William Wilson, and his fictional detective Max Work, the 'triad of selves' that Quinn refers to at the beginning of the story. 'Triad of Selves' would also make a good title. Need to clean some brushes for todays session ion the studio - small ones for the tiny initials in the top-right corner.


59detailmaster600 crop