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Monday p.m.

 Observation, idea, information (drawing), action/process, dissatisfaction, analysis, risk, doubt, despair, understanding, surprise, clarity, exhilaration...


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Sunday p.m


On the walk to the studio early morning: from a familiar viewpoint - the unexpected.  A triangle/chevron popped out of the landscape (second -left in the drawing) which then linked to the triangle of the steps to the studio on the left-edge and then my eyes shifted to the right, razoring in on the triangles as shapes or negative spaces between structures and  telephone wires in the landscape. An entry/motif/context to move the painting-exercise from Saturday forwards.. The heavy drip on the right edge is distracting: I don't want a downward movement there. Needs tidying up tomorrow- to make another triangle...


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drawing for Day 2



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Saturday p.m