Penzance 13 2021800



After a few tinkerings, questions answered, the painting is done, the last act a barely-there horizontal edge of turquoise across the large pink-shape. A tough calI but I decided that the windows in the church in the version below were a distraction, disrupting the flow of colour and the sublime tension of whether the pink paralellogram touches the tower...


PENZANCE 13 6 blog5


Love this detail - could be a painting in itself. So does the pink-shape touch?


DSC 00371800detail


Four stages of the painting, continuing with the triangular composition that I explored in my recent interpretation of Cezanne's 'The Large Bathers', but here, more dynamic. 


penzance x4blog


For a long time, the drawing was stronger than the painting, but now the painting gives so much more.


PENZANCE 13 Drawings800


 You can see me making this painting in my studio by subscribing to 'The Painting Process 4 - Penzance' series' . For more info see the website page here.