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A couple of tweaks today - good moves I think. I painted the red-lines 'redder' and brought in some brighter yellows to the bottom-left corner. I also took out the angled horizontal across the bottom, freeing up the lines above. I extended the red/orange vertical post and opened up the narrow space between the two angled posts. In the painting below, the wires/lines seem to on the same plane running horizontally across the canvas. Now, the space is now being stretched and twisted by the tugging wires. The painting above now seems more vibrant, with increased tension and movement. The twin posts oscillating, the orange gable moving back and forth in the picture plane. Less about image now: you see the lines, you see the colour, you see the building...Might leave it alone now!


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The four paintings of the Old Lifeboat House studio in Porthleven: 'Porthleven 40 (The Possibility of Window), Porthleven 41 (Diamond)', 'Porthleven 61 (Red Lines)', 'Porthleven 63 (The Studio)' 


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