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WED 31 MAY 2023

More like it! Breaking down marks, paint through paint, creating movement, drama and contrast. The space opens up, the shapes are free, the canvas unified at last. The reinforced 'double-drawing' at the bottom brings weight and depth (and movement), the heavy line twisting outwards.

Rhythms of yellows, taking the eye to the left-side, then diagonally across to the top right. Now the canvas-divide has a role in the painting: a formal-device creating spatial ambiguities - where is the line? - and its crispness and difference bringing the possibility of image. 


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After a series of recent disappointments, getting in the zone today. Working out the painting...slowly. (1) and (2) are just marks, looking for a visual metaphor for the contrast between the man-made and natural elements in coastal towns. Went vertical for a while, (3) had something, the colour is better but the marks too regimented - pattern.

Making new yellows yellow and redrawing in (4), but still too many marks, stopping the flow. I'm liking it as a landscape (5), more unexpected, the relationship between the purple and yellow marks along the bottom of especially exciting. Needs a fat horizontal, on the right of the upward curve, with purple punching through the gap. 



x2crop                                                                                                                (3)                                                                                                  (4)



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