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A great day in the studio. Incessant refinements of colour, design and drawing until the essential remains, reconnecting to the idea that sparked the painting, vessel within a vessel. Breaking the symmetry was key and having confidence in the shapes, many of which are specific to Porthleven. The finished piece has a beautiful simplicity and depth of colour and meaning.  


 DSC 01282800 Copydetail


Brought in two 'vessels' (4) but now too complicated - one has to go! I kept the linear 'vessel', now hanging from the red line with a mast at a much more satisfying angle, leading the eye upwards. 


x2 2 text800 Copy


Took out the green (3), a colour too many. Missed the vertical up the left in (1) so put it back, with a new circle.  More elegant now, with more space to the right.


x2 1text800 Copy



Vessel as harbour and boat/ship. The idea of a vessel inside or alongside or hanging from a vessel. Working out the design and proportions and building up the colour. A good start. drying super-fast in this heat! Suggestions of form and shadow with the repeated drawing and green shape at the bottom. Working on the curves of the 'vessel' (2) and took out the heavy verical on the left. The 'vessel' is an ugly shape.


IMG 3284900 Copybeginnings