Ashley Hanson Profile ShotIn all my work, I am intrigued by the impact of image on the flat, map-like, painter’s space, and the dialogue and tension between the different realities of information and imagination - between what inspires and drives the paintings and the uncertainties and excitement of the painting process.  As an artist I crave/need surprise, not sameness: it is what you ‘do’ with the source material that matters, a piece must be its own thing, have its’ own life.  Journeys, places, books, music, all generate ideas, providing catalyst and context, and colour always excites, but until it is resolved, a painting is a live thing, full of possibilities.

In his forward to ‘Il Mistero de Cattedrell’, Anselm Keifer wrote: ‘If there is too much order, it is dead; if there is too much chaos, it doesn’t cohere. I’m continually negotiating between these two extremes.’ Freedom and control is the contradiction of painting: finding the balance is the essence of my work. 

There are two distinct strands in my practice, my coastal work and 'Painting the Novel', both structured on place and colour, working in the space between abstraction and figuration. I like to work in series, the paintings feeding each other, allowing all possibilities to be explored.

Looking forward to showing my latest work in 'REVEALED', at the Crypt Gallery, St. Ives 22-28 April 2023, a joint-exhibition with Sophie Capron.


Find my work at RISE ART



Born Blackpool, 1960


1980-83 - Canterbury College of Art, B.A.(Hons) Fine Art, FIRST CLASS
1979-80 - Blackpool and Fylde College, Foundation Course
1977-78 - Dept. of Architecture, Manchester University


2014 - Elected member of the Newlyn Society of Artists
2012 - Canvas & Cream Art Prize, London – JOINT PRIZEWINNER
1997 - Boise Travel Scholarship, Slade School of Art
1991 - Hunting Art Prize – SECOND PRIZE


2021 - 'Painting the Novel', Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent 26 June-27 July
2021 - 'COLOURSCAPES 2', Crypt Gallery, St. Ives.  29 May-4 June

2020 - 'Porthleven', Terrace Gallery, Penryn

2019 - 'COLOURSCAPES', Heseltine Gallery, Truro
2014 - ‘City of Glass- 10-21’ Modern Artists Gallery, Reading 

2013 - ‘The New York Trilogy’, Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, Devon
2013 - ‘Opposites’, Margate Gallery, Margate, Kent
2013 - ‘City of Glass 1-9’, Modern Artists Gallery, Reading
2010 - ‘Transatlantic’, University of Kent, Canterbury
2008 - ‘The Englands’ Modern Artists Gallery, Reading
2003 - ‘A m e r i c a s c a p e s’, Michael West Gallery, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight


Wells Art Contemporary 30 July - 28 Aug 2022
Black Swan Arts Open, 15 July - 11 Sept 2022
'DUALITY - with Sara Bor, Crypt Gallery, St. Ives  11-17 June
Bath Society of Artists Open - Shortlisted
'Painting of the Day, Contemporary British Painting - 'Beach Huts (Yellow)'
'Memory', Newlyn Society of Artists, Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance

Winter Group Show, Linden Hall Studio
NSA 125, Tremenheere Gallery
'Painting of the Day', Contemporary British Painting - 'Penzance 14'

Winter Group Show, Linden Hall Studio,Deal
Edge of Dark, Newlyn Society of Artists, Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance

The Other Art Fair, March 14-17, London
Winter Group Show, Linden Hall Studio, Deal
'Painting of the Day', Contemporary British Painting - 'Porthleven 37 (Swimmer)'

'Discovery: Contemporary Art Perspectives from England', Agora Gallery, New York
Wells Art Contemporary

'Critic's Choice', Newlyn Society of Artists exhibition, Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance
RWA Open, 2 paintings Shortlisted
'Inception', Atrium Gallery, Truro
FRESH Contemporary Art Fair. c/o The Brook Gallery. 12-14 May.
'Borders', Newlyn Society of Artists exhibition, Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance
'The Edge of Landscape' with Sara Bor, Plough Arts, Devon 3 - 29 July                           

'4 Abstract Artists', Modern Artists Gallery, Reading
ING The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London (Coaster)
Selected Not Hung  RWA Open, Bristol (City of Glass 29, City of Glass 35)
Finalist, Lacey Contemporary Art Prize, London W11 (City of Glass 37)
Longlisted- Jackson’s Art Prize (City of Glass 31)

Finalist, Lacey Contemporary, London Art Prize, London W11 (City of Glass 31)
Shortlisted, National Open Art Competition    (City of Glass 33, City of Glass 27-VERSION 1
Selected Not Hung, RA Summer Exhibition   (City of Glass 19, City of Glass 27- VERSION 2)
National Open Art, (City of Glass 6), National touring exhibition
NSA 293, Penwith Gallery, St.Ives

ING The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London (City of Glass 15)
‘Brilliant Colour’ Falmouth Art Gallery, 20 Sept-22 Nov
Shortlisted, National Open Art Competition    (‘City of Glass 20’, ‘City of Glass 23’
Shortlisted, RA Summer Exhibition         (‘City of Glass 6’, ‘City of Glass 13)

Ludlow Open Exhibition (City of Glass 11)
Shortlisted, RA Summer Exhibition  (City of Glass 2,City of Glass 9)
National Open Art Competition, Chichester & London, (City of Glass 1)
ING The Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London (Charlestown 7)

Ludlow Open Exhibition (City of Glass 1, City of Glass 2)
Modern Artists Gallery, Reading,
Great Atlantic, Falmouth – Easter Exhibtion
Canvas & Cream Art Prize Exhibition (Joint Prizewinner), London
Shortlisted, RA Summer Exhibition   (‘Penzance 2’, ‘Porthleven 17’)

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (Cape Cod & the Islands)

Affordable Art Fair, London, c/o Edgar Modern Gallery
Summer Show - Edgar Modern Gallery, Bath
Caxton Contemporary, Whitstable, Gallery Artist
‘Alternate’ The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall

December Exhibition ‘Small Paintings’, Belgrave Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall
‘Topographies’, Caxton Contemporary, Whitstable (2 Person Show with AmberLeaman)
Affordable Art Fair, Bristol, c/o Brownston Gallery
Belgrave Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall

Campden Gallery, Chipping Campden                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Edinburgh Art Fair, c/o Seascapes Gallery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thompson’s Gallery, London
Somerville Gallery, Plymouth, Devon
Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford
‘March Exhibition’, Innocent Fine Art, Bristol


Padstow Fine Art, Padstow, Cornwall, Gallery Artist

‘Above, Beyond & Below’, Modern Artists Gallery, Reading

‘Waving Not Drowning’, Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight

Morley Gallery, London (2 Person Show)
Woodlands Gallery, Blackheath, London
Lorraine Kessler Gallery, Poughkeepsie, New York, U.S.A. (with Jon Isherwood)

‘Hunting Art Prize’, Royal College of Art, London (Skye Ferry)

‘Beyond the Boundaries’, Lorraine Kessler Gallery, Poughkeepsie, U.S.A.
Triangle Artists Workshop, Pine Plains, New York, USA

‘Observer/Hunting Art Prize’ Mall Galleries, London & P.Cardin Espace, Paris, FRANCE

‘Small Works’, Curwen Gallery, London
National Oil Institute, London (Southolm St)

‘The London Group’, Royal college of Art, London (In the Park)