View from the temporary bridge


Following on from the recent  courses in Faversham, our spiritual guide for the April Porthleven painting course was Peter Lanyon, whose lifelong search for new perspectives ended tragically with his early death in a glider accident in 1964.  We met at the studio early Monday morning, and after a talk about Lanyon's life and work we set out with a twin purpose: to get to know Porthleven through drawing and to search for ideas for painting. The afternoon painting session in the studio was intense with three different exercises geared to start three paintings in different ways. One began with colour, one from abstracted drawing, the third a drawing in paint of the harbour from memory with the discipline of a blue stripe down one side and a horizontal divide.




Tuesday was a gallery day. After seeing Jessica Cooper at Kestle Barton, whose work inspired many of our artists, we visited Tremenheere and had a top lunch before going to see a Gillian Ayes print show and an exhibition of sculptors' prints, 'With Space in Mind'. A personal favourite were the Anthony Gormley etchings of the figure. Then we went off to St.Ives where the highlight was a fine exhibition of St.Ives artists at the Belgrave Gallery.

Wednesday morning began with a half-hour demonstration where I began my own Porthleven painting, inspired by the yellow gig on the walk to the studio. With the Lanyon talk, the drawing, the exercises and the many wonderful pieces we saw on Tuesday, the artists were now fully primed for painting. Over the next three days the artists worked incredibly hard, moving their paintings forwards, working towards the exhibition on Saturday.




Around 2.30pm on Friday we put down our brushes (almost everyone - no names EA!) to clear the studio before hanging the show. This all went smoothly and we managed to show nearly all the work including Richard Barton's astonishing eight canvases. A very strong exhibition once again and to celebrate the achievements of the week we all went out for a delicious meal at The Square restaurant in Porthleven.


P Dinner 2 Copy




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Great to be challenged to work quickly and try things out and keep moving painting along. Enjoyed having the history of the artistic contect, and particularly Peter Lanyon as back drop to working.

Elizabeth Aspinall

 Always stimulating and thought provoking, not to mention challenging some preconceived notions!

Mitzi Delnevo

Ashley was very good at spending time with each individual and his comments and input were always very helpful. As a result I feel I made some very good progress during the week.

Richard Barton