City of Glass 9 Fiction and Fact 120x200cms'City of Glass 9 - (Fiction & Fact)'  120x200cms


As the 'City of Glass' series nears completion - there is a final idea to explore - and after a time of reflection, I would like to announce, in advance, a new series '20 Books=20 Paintings' which I aim to complete by 1 September 2018. A year to find a gallery to show the series as a coherent whole. Materials are ordered: each painting will be 45x70cms.

In a shift from 'City of Glass', each of the twenty paintings will be sourced from a different novel, whose identity will remain a secret. If the viewer wishes, there will be clues in the paint and if you know my tastes....

Each of the pieces will be in the 'book-format', ie two canvases joined together, referencing both the genre and the painting as 'object'. This was a favoured format in City of Glass; see 'Fiction & Fact' above and the paintings below. And of course this years 'WestSideStory' and 'EastSideStory'.

In paralell, there will be a continuation of work inspired by the sea, the shapes and imagery of harbour-towns, the sensations of light, weather and colour. This is a lifelong series. As a discipline, I think I'll continue with the idea of a block of colour in the bottom left corner that links 'The Sea' and 'Crane (Polruan)' below, which establishes and controls the space.


cranethe seacrop'The Sea'   70x70cms                                                                                                                            'Crane (Polruan)'  40x30cms



City of Glass 10 Stillman Stillman 120x200cms'City of Glass 10 - (StillmanStillman)'  120x200cms



Diptych City of Glass 5 and 4'City of Glass 5 - (Truthville,N.Y.) & City of Glass 4 - (Hope Falls, hope falls...)'



City of Glass 11 StillmanStillman 80x120cms'City of Glass 11 - (StillmanStillman)'



City of Glass 32 The Apartment 70x100cms'City of Glass 32 - (The Apartment)'   70x100cms