'I think all good painting looks as though the painting has escaped from the thicket of prepared positions and has entered some sort of freedom where it exists on its own, and by its own laws, and inexplicably has got free of all possible explanations' 


'The more courageous that I am in destroying partial success, the more likely it is that I will get something alive and true'


A brilliant 2 day Freedom in Painting workshop at Creek Creative in Faversham, using the ideas, ideals, methods and the work of Frank Auerbach as a springboard for our own search for truth in painting 'clearly and raw'. Without the luxury/challenge of 200-300 sessions with the model to finish a piece, each of the ten artists went deep into painting, acknowledging destruction and change as a neccessary part of the creative process, to push their paintings forward to find the unexpected.

An introductory talk was followed by an intense 2hr drawing session and a painting session after lunch. On the Friday morning, the artists were given the option of erasing the previous days work and starting again, mirroring Auerbach's discipline since the mid 70's. As always, the workshop ended with an invaluable group critique.

 A special thank-you to Sharon Smithers, our model and inspiration for the selection of paintings in the gallery below. 


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'I have learned to be free..to not care but to really be me. It was a profound but not easy experience - I went beyond limits'  KATHLEEN ALBERTER

'Ashley made me take risks & get out of my comfort zone'  HAZEL MCINTOSH

'This Auerbach workshop was extremely inspiring. Ashley's knowledge and enthusiasm shone'  MARGARITA HANLON

'Good enthusiastic class helped by active teacher'  JOHN CACKETT