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That's better: a new photo with the Nikon, truer, more vibrant colour, not enough light yesterday. Dreaming of the piece in the night, what I might do. No need - it works, why embellish? It's dynamic and punchy, the confident, moving, open brushwork on the right reinforcing the theme. Love the hot triangle, bottom left - what an anchor! - thrusting forwards of the black..except it's behind. Blacks are coming into my work more and more. There is a strong link to 'Black Harbour' from October, -- this time the idea of harbour is the negative space - and, subconsciously, to Robert Motherwell of course.  The idea of harbour; refuge or escape. Might take this idea of the open-diamond, scaled up, into a new painting.


A down and up day in the studio....from the more illustrative 'harbour' below, to the idea of harbour, the openendedness, something more specific...Two shapes dancing, joining/closing with a brushmark, the one on the right, more deliberate, paint pushed and adjusted. The shape on the left, more accidental, formed by gravity, the canvas at an angle, watched carefully after the original action and placement. 



Black Harbour 900 Copy'Black Harbour'



IMG 2004700 Copybeginnings...