Book 2 BEST 1 March Copy


Scarlet against grey was always intended and is fundamental to the novel. Colour as sensation and symbolic. Intense concentration with the pouring and shaping of a mark that must not be still, that must 'appear' flowing and liquid. Risk: the mark is controllable only to a certain degree, by the liquidity of the paint-mix, the position of the body and canvas and the action, but the results are unpredictable. It is exhilarating to make a mark that can never be made again. We are now getting close to that tension between the subject-matter and the physicality of the paint that underpins the best of my work.  

It's a beautiful shape, curves like petals...I have found my 'unexpected'.


Book 2 detail


With the intensity of red and its' fading out, and with the circle and symbol, my intention is for the viewer to read the painting from right to left - I hope I have succeeded. Only minor changes today : a sharpening of the rectangle and a new clarity and zip in the top right corner and a touch of soft pink around the canvas. We might be done. 

What a job the tilted red rectangle does. It is a specific shape/location from the novel, but it's the instinctive placement, colour, scale, purity and difference that makes it work for the painting,  A counter-movement with the circle and the lilac-shape that cuts across the red.


 book 1 and book 2 22

 'Book 1' & 'Book 2' together. Exciting...onto 'Book 3' - a new novel and a new continent...I'm thinking blue...


 DSC 00472 Copydetail (clue)



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Tues p.m.




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Enjoyed painting the curve and finding the colour- Phthalo Green and Rose Madder. The twisting-curve sits well on the canvas and brings spatial complexity and movement. The painting moves forward....I have to wait a few days for the paint to settle and be touch-dry before the next moves. I'll start 'Book 3' while I wait.


Sat pm 800 web CopySat p.m.


Establishing the grey (significant) shape (significant).




Book 1 Day 1 Copy new


All I can say is that we are on a different continent to 'Book 1'...



Read, select, brush, scrub, knife, pour, tilt, skim, cut, smear, photograph, Photoshop, write, pour (glass of wine), reflect, back to the novel...