Porthleven 31ASHLEY HANSON Copy


A new painting made on the recent Porthleven course. Chance plays a part in all painting; after a drawing session around the harbour, we began the first painting with a lottery, resulting in each artist having a different colour to work with. My 'selected' colour was BROWN which you don't see often in my work. I had to borrow some Umbers and Sienna's from one of the other artists.  It was a colour challenge but I'd used brown before with Stillman's overcoat in the 'City of Glass' series, so I knew I would be reaching for the blues and pinks.

Waves barrelling in, threatening, submerging the oval harbour-shape that is there but not there, a fragile line. Anti-clockwise circular movement, the different thing the pure pink curve in the foreground - hovering -and the Auerbachesque chevron that defines the top of the painting and brings the eye downwards...


City of Glass 15 Stillman walks1 50x40cms1 Copy'City of Glass 15 - (Stillman walks...)'


Porthleven 31600 Copyday 2