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A good session in the the studio today. The painting is joyous, playful, different, the colours a higher key - we're done. The swimmer has always been there (by chance) and I have suppressed/denied the thought but I find I am enjoying the switch from image to abstraction and the painting is richer for it. Today's moves: a balancing purple disc, then several reworkings of the bottom right corner - which I considered too flat - until I found the orange shape/plane. Beyond the enjoyment of colour, shape and line there are Porthleven references if you seek them but I'm happy with the 'hints of structure and telegraph wires'. Very exciting to see the four new Porthleven paintings as a group (bottom of page). Now to find somewhere to show them...

 progress p37edit Copy


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I don't care much for beginnings, but the one below is quite tasty with yellows, primrose/emerald green and a pink cup-shape, lifted from my painting 'Falmouth' that I've been looking at in the COLOURSCAPES exhibition. I think we have advanced with the introduction of line and simplifications - hints of structure and telegraph wires. Love the pink-shape and violet-white curve, and the movement from bottom to top...


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Falmouth 60x50cms Copy'Falmouth'  50x40cms



34 37edit Copy

(L-R: Porthleven 34, 35, 37. 36)