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BOOK 5: Re-visited Nov/Dec

New reds, new reductions brings a new clarity and a powerful painting...


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Changes made, painting sharper and more vibrant - we're done.


A six hour session in the studio - out of the black - liking this painting now, (5) driven by Fisherman's Blues and The Koln Concert. Strangeness: 'place' hanging from the significant tree, with its' blue box. Intersections of branches and streets connecting visually. An embedded symbol. There are some good reds in there but perhaps they have picked up too much black - I'll freshen them up in a few days and straighten up the edges of the black triangle.The blue mark needs to be a couple of shades darker, more cobalt... possibilities of a thin black curve springing to the top right corner from the nobble on the triangle's right corner...

A black & white colour-mixing exercise (1) becomes a painting...


DSC 024111 Copy  (4) 

The painting at 3pm, (4) was a contender:graphic and strong, but too raw and not enough. The bottom reds kept sliding off! This forced a repainting over the black-lines, re-drawing, and freeing the triangle, with the refined lines sparking the idea of the introduction of the image of the tree, a third element from the novel.


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Darkness and despair! Looking again at (3), not as lost as I thought: we have a book, we have a place - the black triangle - the seeds of the idea are established - now to bring the painting to life...


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Sticky, oily blacks..this could be many things (2) An idea I explored today from a recent crime-novel didn't work with the location too obvious. But there is another book where black is significant...Love this stage of a painting with it's uncertainties and possibilities, working with paint that is alive...let's build around the point of focus of the bright green disc...


13 Copy(1) beginnings...