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A new Port Isaac painting, perhaps closer to the subject than last years 'Cool Yellow Harbour- (Gang of Yellows)' which I felt was more of a generic harbour. A good painting nonetheless, and exhibited in the 2018 Winter Group show at Linden Hall Studio. This latest piece feels like new territory, with its twists and writhings and tensions, elusive imagery and singing colour.

The sequence below shows the chaos of (1) and the obviousness of the controlling pier in (2), which took away from the beauty and individuality of the tumbling marks behind. However, its near-diamond shape was a reminder of the harlequin-tiles of the framing wall in the viewpoint which sourced the painting. (3) was a contender, with the simplification and opening of the space, but then I had a vision in the night of the two diamonds - one open, one closed. Their placement, scale and density of colour made the space more complex, and brought the emerald stripe on the edge into the painting. The top colours came out for the diamonds: Sennelier Cadmium Green mixed with a couple of different Michael Harding blues...A quote from Matisse springs to mind: 'a painting is complete when it reconnects to the emotion that sparked it'. Something like that...



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wall Copyviewpoint at the back of The Old Schoolhouse


Cool Yellow Harbour Gang of Yellows 50x40cms 600 oil on canvas Copy'Cool Yellow Harbour (Gang of Yellows)'  40x30cms 2017