POLRUAN 3 CopyKathleen drawing in Polruan


Denise and I were very saddened to hear of the recent passing of artist Kathleen Alberter. Since 2015 Kathleen has been a regular attendee on our Freedom in Painting courses in Cornwall and Kent and over the years we both grew to appreciate her kindness, generosity and sincerity. 


ST BREWARD 3crop Copy


As an artist Kathleen was driven: she had a deep understanding of the power of painting and her knowledge, emotions and spirituality were channelled into her work at a pitch that is quite rare. Here are Kathleen's words when she gave her all at the 'Auerbach' and 'BOOK' workshops:

'I have learned to be free..to not care but to really be me. It was a profound but not easy experience - I went beyond limits'   

'The workshop brought the painter in me awake..it opened the soul - made liquid the heart'

I very much regret that we never had a chance to show together but here are is a collection of her extraordinary paintings which always challenged me as teacher and viewer as they are so, so personal and emotionally charged, like no other work I've seen.

We shall miss her.