Porthleven 48 Orange Pier 900 Copy'Porthleven 48 - (Orange Pier)'  75x65cms


A flamboyant painting - joyful. A tropical-palette of sizzling oranges, cool greens and a yellow punch. The painting is structured on a shape found and formed in layers of liquid-colour (1) & (2), the harbour-shape refined and defined with elegant-line and punctuations of image, a shape within a shape within a shape. In the final stages, the introduction of a new building - forming a triangle of buildings - brought further complexities to the design, adding diagonal movement across the harbour and its' diamond wall echoing both the shape of the pier above and the space between the four piers...


800 detail 48 Copy


Curves and geometry in harmony... and a fabulous tension where the bulging green, hot orange and delicate drawing all meet...




'Rose Harbour' & 'Orange Pier' look sensational as a pair - same subject, same thinking, same methods, same verticality and dynamism, same dialogue between the organic and the constructed landscape - but two very different interpretations of Porthleven. Abstract, figurarative..just labels, who cares, both these paintings have their own strength and beauty.


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