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A much stronger painting after a rework - escaping the tyranny and fragmentation of the grid. With tuned-up colours and differing scale of shapes, the painting is more spatially complex, the squares now free and moving, popping forwards and backwards and around the canvas. Within the spread of red, the outlined red shape (below) - critical to the narrative - is much more prominent. Green triangle becomes red. Without thought, the painting seems to be divided into three sections, perhaps subconsciously mirroring the structure of the novel. 


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A few adjustments: working the lines, adjusting colours and bringing the right-edge into the painting. Loving the new blue square, top right...


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New painting in the '20 Books=20 Paintings' series, to be shown at Linden Hall Studio, Deal in Feb 2021...

A painting structured in place, anchored and entered by the dynamic 'v', with a palette of the sea...and violent death. 

In a different approach, I chose the city, then found the novel. A tale of crimes, but there is no detective stalking the pages in this one.

The fluidity of ideas across genres: a painting sourced in a novel that in turn references film...and literature: "There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide."


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“Photography is about death. It preserves the illusion of a past moment that can never be re-enacted.”



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A city by the sea...