MASTER 1200H Copy


In a departure from the 'Beach Huts' series - though there are links - the discipline and enjoyment of a 'Pure Abstract' painting. But what is 'Pure Abstract'? A self-contained painting with no image or reference to the outside world? Is that possible? In this case, the triangle, circle and square become the 'subject', their placement & relationship, scale, colour, application, difference, the essence of the painting. 

I've loved making this painting, a pared down version - 'abstraction' - of what I normally do, just three elements to work with and the emptiness of the ground. The orientation was quickly resolved, the red circle moving upwards from the bottom-edge. The breakthrough was freeing up the shapes and allowing them to float within the colour-field, with the more subtle internal frame helping the movement, dragging the shapes towards each other. Does this follow the principles of Clement Greenberg? - this painting is tactile not flat, the hand of the artist evident, not disguised. A painting of doubt and refinement and search for 'painting-truth'.

Is this 'Painterly Abstraction'. Does it matter?



DSC 00061200 Copyin progress