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 Selected for the Winter Group Show at Linden Hall Studio, 1 Dec 2023 - 30 Jan  2024


UPDATE: 11 DEC 2023

This has been on the wall in our kitchen ever since it was made. I knew the orange shape on the right but couldn't place it, not stopping the enjoyment of the painting.  Finally this summer I remembered the shape of Maine, which I'd painted 5 times in my 'AMERICASCAPES' series and changed the title, which I felt gave it an extra layer of meaning and memory.  Perhaps I am not an abstract painter after all!



A return to the excitement of colour and materials and taking risks....freedom in painting...

Taking ownership of those 'Scully' stripes (my demonstration painting in the recent workshop, below) and bringing vitality and movement to the canvas. The central transparent red-earth stripe broke the pattern, the angled liquid orange broke the division and the stasis, introducing the dynamic, reinforced by new greens and an uplifting blue stripe in the corner. Looks good this way too; 


DSC 0005 11web1 Copy2Balance...


Staring for an hour at the study below...self-doubt, juggling possibilities, painting in my head. This could have been a seascape, harbour; this could have been beach huts, this could have been Porthleven...but I chose colour to unify the painting, first the greens, then the orange, over a drawn triangle, guiding the direction of the pour...


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