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'Polruan Tree Blue' 70x50cms


TUES 6 DEC 2022

'A celebration in blue' - thank-you, Jane Crane. A final few tweaks of line and colour, a final soaring, framing blue introduced, the wonderful Michael Harding 'Kings Blue Deep' into the top-right corner.

A remembered tree, with the diamond-shaped Fowey estuary wedged into the 'v' of the twin-forks of a tree. Except memory plays tricks: a return to Polruan and no such view exists, the tree is not where I remembered it. This is the artist putting together a painting in his head, finding visual connections, fusing the two elements together. Painting-truth. The blue palette was chosen as a reaction to the oranges and yellows I've been working with predominantly this year. Thank-you Denise!


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A third element was the long shed-like Polruan Village Hall - which we have used as a studio on our 'Freedom in Painting' courses - jammed into the studies below. Above or below or behind the tree? The simpler solution I found was to have an ambiguous broken red/orange line, that references both the roofline and estuary. The breakthrough in the painting came with the mirrored upward movement of blues and branches and the procession of blue and green mixes through the centre, diamond within diamond...


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 The painting emerged from the studies below, exploring possibilities of design and orientation and weight of line, then developed on our recent online 'TREE' painting-workshop, 

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