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WED 24 MAY p.m.

Fickle! Comparing (1) and (2), I missed the energy of the earlier version and the subtle extension of the diagonal beyond the pier, prominent in the drawing. I went back in with an angled cut-line and a new blue into the bottom-right - the darker tones under the pier now less isolated - the exploding brushmarks bringing in more weight and vitality (3). The title provokes questions: hanging from what? From telegraph wires? From the headland? From the house on the hill? From the linear framework - from the curve coming in from the right?

Reality is disrupted; this painting is its' own world.

Freedom in painting - we're done.


x2 newcrop


WED 24 MAY a.m.

A session this morning: reworking the bottom blues which I thought were too sketchy in the earlier version (1) and leading the eye out of the painting. Now the blues and the violet streak are punching upwards through the gap (2). A couple of tweaks of colour, a sharpening of the diagonal above the pier and an extension of the red line on the right into orange. The painting feels more complete - full of life and movement with the red linear framework linking well with the slab of pier... 


DSC 00561900 Copy


A few drawn lines become a painting...initially working from a drawing of Trebarwith Strand with a 'hanging' Gull Rock, I went for the dynamism and strength of design in this drawing of Port isaac, showing the white house on the hill with its distinctive windows and  the pier beyond.


DSC 00831800 Copy


 DSC 0047crop900 Copy