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12 JUNE 2023

 A return, after 6 yrs to 'Porthleven 30', which I was never happy with and refused to exhibit. I always loved the lyrical line but felt the colout too chalky and lifeless. With the new colour shifts and simplifications, there is a purity and vibrancy and flow in the work, all leading the eye to the slipway in the top-right corner.  Love the subtle presence now of the large central curved shape and the weight and mysterious transparency of the bottom-right pier.

 Looking forward to showing it now!


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The painting's origins are in a group exercise on the 2017 'Freedom in Painting' October course in Porthleven, where we started with 12 curves from drawings from the landscape, each with a differing shape, weight colour and execution 



x2 crop CopyBefore & after...