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In early May, we welcomed a group of 9 artists to our 'Freedom in Painting' course in Port Isaac.  As you can see from the galleries, our artists were truly inspired by the Cornish coast. We met up in blazing sunshine in Trebarwith Strand for the morning drawing session, the artists capturing the drama and movement of the onrushing tide, with brooding presence of Gull Rock offshore. The loose theme for the course was 'Repetition' and the artists were asked to look for repetitions in the landscape, giving them something new to think about in their drawings and paintings.


trebarwithcrop2Sketching at Trebarwith Strand & Antonia Glynne-Jones' sketchbook with Gull Rock...


 After an excellent well-earned lunch in the Port William Inn up on the cliff, we headed off to Bude our second location, a very different landscape with its meeting of sea,river and canal and wide sandy beaches. We were of course, getting to know the landscape through drawing, and looking for ideas for paintings and the Sea Pool in Bude, below, became a popular subject.

 IMG 3014Sea Pool, Bude


 The following morning we set up the studio in the wonderful Port Isaac Village Hall and began with a quick group exercise before heading out to explore and draw around the harbour in Port Isaac, again with the idea of repetition in mind. If you look for it, you will find it everywhere...


x3crop CopyPort Isaac


Back at the studio after lunch, I gave a talk about the use of repetition in art history and in a few of my paintings that I brought along. After another group exercise, it was time to begin translating the ideas and drawings/studies into paintings and I began my rounds as a tutor, discussing ideas and the paintings, offering encouragement! 


studiocrop1In the studio...


Over the next few days, it was great to see the beautiful colours and marks being made and the paintings emerge. A rare time for most of us of pure, uninterrupted time for painting, where of course, you can go far. They were a fantastic hard-working group, willing to push their painting into unfamiliar territory.  We had a few laughs aswell and a very enjoyable evening out together at The Old Chapel. As always, on Sunday afternoon, we finished with an extensive Group Critique, sharing views on each others paintings and enjoying them too. Hats off to the artists!


DSC 02032Artists dinner 


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'Really great course.Enjoyed every minute. really good tuition'  BARRY KELLINGTON

'I really like the format where we go out and draw and then paint from our drawings. Ashley is always extremely helpful back in the studio, discussing where we want the work to go, providing great feedback and encouragement'  ERICA SHIPLEY

'All brilliant! Thanks to Ashley for pushing me to new limits of abstraction.'   MARION OWEN

'Loved the initial drawing exercise searching for triangles - and the walkabout with Ashley - giving my eyes a spring clean. Loved Ashley's emphasis on how to make a painting interesting as opposed to literal with the emphasis always on authenticity of experience and a sense of place. Appreciated all the personal guidance that Ashley gave throughout'  ANNA BADAR