'City of Glass 37 - (PLOT.Noun/Plot.verb)' was shortlisted and exhibited in the 2016 Lacey Contemporary Art Prize.


37CAT9 Copy



I've spoken many times about 'breaking (the perfection of) the square' - well, it's not a square now....

This is very exciting; the power and tension of the black-lines of 8th Ave and 14th St, holding the shape that wants to spin round...I've pushed the shape of Manhattan right into the corner - more plotting. Because of the orientation of the canvas, the original drips now become a subversive, subtle pattern of angled lines beneath the transparent paint. I think it might be done.

Mysterious doorway.

'Hello Mondrian..' would make a good title, though he wasn't fond of green! (or curves)


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This goes back to something I was looking at during Open Studios last year when this painting and 'City of Glass 33 - (Buried)' were in very early stages.


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I have used the idea of the controlling vertical in a shaped canvas before in 'Porthleven 13', (below), the only circular canvas that has worked and that I've kept.


Porthleven 13 30cms diameter
'Porthleven 13'


DSC 0005web
detail- City of Glass 37


City of Glass 37
in progress


 37cat8 Copy


Early days but I already have a title- the relationship with words is so important in this series wirh its' source in text*

Love the multiple meanings of the word 'Plot':

plot as in narrative, plot as in conspire, plot as in plan or map....

In the novel, Quinn plots Stillman's walks onto a street-map of New York

In turn, in City of Glass 6 and 35, I have 'plotted' Quinn's walk described on pages 106-112...

In the act of painting, I have 'plotted' the grid of New York, already several times in this piece, to establish the angle, scale and position of Manhattan within the canvas , looking for the strongest composition.

My 'plot 'is for the Manhattan shape, once established, to be painted entirely with layers of transparent colours, giving the appearance of coloured-glass.....


*'The New York Trilogy' by Paul Auster