Start Date: 03/10/2020
Finish Date: 08/10/2020
Timings: 9.30am - 5.30pm
Duration: 6 days
Location: The Old Lifeboat House
Places Available: 7 artists: No
Cost: £490

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The unspoilt fishing-village of Porthleven, with its' iconic clock- tower and unique double-harbour, is the setting and inspiration for this 6-day painting course. Our studio is the Old Lifeboat House, dramatically positioned at the head of the harbour. Uniquely on our courses, artists will be working towards a one-day exhibition on the Thursday 4 April. This is an opportunity for artists with some experience to work in a small group – maximum seven - in a wonderful location that has inspired many of Ashley's own paintings. 

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This course is an opportunity to work in a small group (7 max) in the Old Lifeboat House, in Porthleven, Cornwall, dramatically positioned on the edge of the harbour, facing the open sea.  Unique to the Porthleven courses, artists work towards a one-day exhibition on the final day.

’Image, structure, movement, all the ingredients are here to inspire. During the week, the artists will be exploring and responding to its’ richness, rawness and complexity, making their own personal interpretations of Porthleven, adding to its rich tradition of painting'

The course begins with drawing exercises around the harbour, collecting information and ideas for paintings. During the week, there will be a mixture of group exercises, demonstrations and discussions to help artists engage with their paintings and take it somewhere new. Colour, mark-making, space and composition are all areas that will be explored and there will be plenty of opportunity for one to one tuition and mentoring with Ashley. As part of the course and his teaching, Ashley will be working on a new Porthleven painting. With this longer course, a day is put aside for visiting galleries and seeing the best of the current exhibitions in Cornwall.

The course is designed for painters who wish to enhance their creativity and look towards abstraction and beyond the representational. Ashley looks forward to sharing his wide knowledge and passion for colour and landscape with the group.



In Autumn 2020, we successfully ran our courses in Porthleven, Cornwall in a COVID safe environment, adhering to Government guidelines. If the pandemic extends into 2021, we will continue to follow all updated Government guidelines ensuring we provide a safe environment for all our artists. We may continue to ask all our artists to wear masks or visors, which we can supply or you will be welcome to bring your own. We may also have to make some small changes to the way we do things, such as Ashley will give shorter demonstrations to smaller groups to maintain social distancing. However, we feel sure you will still enjoy the course, there will be plenty of one to one tuition and Porthleven will continue to inspire! 


Your Tutor

Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson

"Ashley's concern as an artist and teacher, is to unleash the emotional response to the subject matter that enables the painter to take risks, discover a 'personal colour palette that excites' and to provide the fresh vision of Britain's natural beauty that places him within the long tradition set by the masters of the landscape genre." Dr. Sally Bulgin, Editor, ‘The Artist’ magazine, February 2013


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