The exhibition ‘The Edge of Landscape’ explores the idea of ‘What is landscape? 


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A traditional definition of landscape painting is of wide-view or vista where the principal subject is natural forms, mountains, valleys, forests, coasts etc.

Landscape painting can be a single-view, but can also be multiple viewpoints and shifting perspectives, including the real or imagined view from the air. It can contain people and man-made structures, buildings, harbours, the meeting of the built and unbuilt worlds.

It can be about the experience of a place: weather, sensation, sound, movement, approaching storm, the slap of sea against harbour-wall….

The paintings in the exhibition are not simply about the outside world as seen, they are also the outside world experienced, interpreted, imagined, taken apart and re-assembled.

In their response to place, each artist has found a language to describe both the whole and the individual elements within the landscape: clifftop, sky, beach. mountain, harbour, rocks, sea, buildings….

Coast: the edge of landscape, where the land meets the sea….

Precipice: the physical edge of landscape…sensation…drama….vertigo….

Island city: the edge of landscape, the dialogue and tension between natural-shape and architecture and grid….


 Click here to see the online catalogue of the exhibition