'Painting the Novel', a solo-exhibition, at Linden Hall Studio, Deal. Sat 26 June -Sat 17 July 2021. Open Tues - Saturday, 10-4pm. Showing for the first time will be the '20 Books-20 Paintings' series, sourced in crime-fiction, 'Out-with (from John Boyne's 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', and a selection of 'City of Glass' paintings from Paul Auster's novel 'The New York Trilogy'.

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In the Upper Gallery is a permanent collection of leading contemporary art including John Hoyland, Jennifer Durrant, Arthur Neal, Clyde Hopkins and gallery artists.


Linden Hall Studio 0010


linden hall studio summer


wgs 2'Porthleven 51 - (Weight of Colour)' , top-right, on show in The Winter Group show at Linden Hall