2-DAY Freedom in Painting workshop at Creek Creative, Faversham, Kent.  Thurs 13- Fri 14 Sept 2018.

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'City of Glass 60 - (Island of Bricks)' has beeen selected by critic Nicholas Underwood for the exhibition 'Critic's Choice' at the Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance. The Preview is on Saturday 2 Sept, 1-4pm and the exhibition runs until 24 Sept 2018.

Alongside ' new paintings 'City of Glass 57 - (as the crow flies..)', 'City of Glass 58 - (Noir)', 'City of Glass 59 - (DQ WW MW)', 'Banjo Pier' & 'Crane'.

..until Sat 2 September. I have 3 paintings in the inaugural exhibition at the new Atrium Gallery (above Lemon Street Market). One of my paintings has already sold ' City of Glass 34 - (Watch that man...)', my tribute to David Bowie. If you would like to see the story behind the painting click here

Other artists in the exhibition include Dan Bassett, Sophie Capron, Charlotte Cornish, Amy Lanyon, MAMM & MYRGH Goldsmiths, Sue Peck, Nicola Shelton, Christopher Tate, Ali Tomlin, Angeline Tournier & Simon Williams who has just completed a 3 month residency at Porthmeor Studios, St,Ives.


City of Glass 34 Watch that man Copy


The exhibition ‘The Edge of Landscape’ explores the idea of ‘What is landscape? 


To see the online catalogue of the exhibition click here


A traditional definition of landscape painting is of wide-view or vista where the principal subject is natural forms, mountains, valleys, forests, coasts etc.

Landscape painting can be a single-view, but can also be multiple viewpoints and shifting perspectives, including the real or imagined view from the air. It can contain people and man-made structures, buildings, harbours, the meeting of the built and unbuilt worlds.

It can be about the experience of a place: weather, sensation, sound, movement, approaching storm, the slap of sea against harbour-wall….

The paintings in the exhibition are not simply about the outside world as seen, they are also the outside world experienced, interpreted, imagined, taken apart and re-assembled.

In their response to place, each artist has found a language to describe both the whole and the individual elements within the landscape: clifftop, sky, beach. mountain, harbour, rocks, sea, buildings….

Coast: the edge of landscape, where the land meets the sea….

Precipice: the physical edge of landscape…sensation…drama….vertigo….

Island city: the edge of landscape, the dialogue and tension between natural-shape and architecture and grid….


 Click here to see the online catalogue of the exhibition